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          I recently had a conversation with a former client and very dear friend who was in despair as his faith in himself had become shaky, making him lose hope. This gentleman is a brilliant speaker, a wonderful writer and his international workshops have helped people to transform their lives through the power of love. Yet because he does not choose to have a ‘normal’ or ‘conventional’ job, he has incurred judgment from his family who have called him crazy to waste his time on helping others. What prompted our conversation was that his parents called him and told him that he was a failure.
         The first thing that the Posse of Angels did when they heard the word ‘failure’ was to laugh. And they explained that if we really knew how powerful, limitless, and multi-dimensional that we are, we would realize that we are created by the loving hand of God to be magical alchemists that can create our worlds.
          I asked this friend if he agreed with his parents’ conclusion that what he was doing was a waste of time. He said that while following his hearts’ longing to be a presenter had been financially hard, every time he spoke as a motivational speaker it made him feel alive.

          He described that when he was scheduled to speak, he would be guided to not prepare anything. And yet when he stood up to present, he felt that God was speaking through him; as he easily brought forth the perfect words filled with inspiration, pathos and his talks were even sprinkled with comedic moments and jokes. I asked him what some of the responses had been over the years of sharing his unique gifts.
          He told me that people were so affected during his presentations, that many experienced huge heart openings and could clearly see their beauty within. He shared that many of the participants became conscious that the story that they had been choosing to tell themselves was simply not true and it was merely an illusion. They finally decided to acknowledge their power by changing the sad stories that they had chosen to believe in, and instead exchanged them with new stories of peace, joy and self-love.
          I then asked this dear friend if the results of his using his passion, gifts and talents as a presenter sounded as if he was a failure. He laughed and replied, “Not only am I not a failure, but to even consider doing anything else would be dishonoring to who I am”.

           So where did his parents get the concept that this inspirational friend of mine had failed? Well, the concept of failure, like many things. is not real and it is just a matter of opinion and perception. Failure is dependent on some benchmark of achievement and success that others deem is right for our lives. If his parents are calling him a failure because he is not making a certain salary, not driving a particular type of car, not wearing designer clothes, not owning his own home, and not following the status quo, then through their eyes and by their yard stick, he has definitely failed.
          There are decades of generations that have been brainwashed to believe that “Life is a struggle” and that “Life was never meant to be easy”. This way of thinking saw many people too afraid to explore and pursue a passion. Stopping themselves from developing a creative idea or pursuing the joy in their hearts saw many following the opinion of others by doing jobs that were soul destroying. After a while the accumulated energies of discontentment became so toxic, that in order to function on a day to day basis, many chose to hide. And whether they chose to escape their overwhelming sadness with alcohol, drugs, shopping, involvement in empty relationships, or other forms of medication, it provided a much too small band aid for a much larger wound.
            The Posse of Angels is saying that, 'YOU CANNOT FAIL'. And they want to repeat it for emphasis, 'YOU CANNOT FAIL!'
           They want to make it very clear that in order to fail, you have to have something to fail at and they are assuring us that there is nothing to fail at.
            They are reminding you that when you wrote your contract with the Etheric council on what lessons you would be presented with in this human incarnation, your contract provided a mere guide line for you to use your free will to make decisions. When you would make your decisions, they would never be marked as a pass or fail, good or bad. or right or wrong. They were only choices that brought about consequences, as all choices inevitably do. And when each one of us arrives across the veil in non-physical form and we have our life’s review, there is no judgment at all…zero, ziltch, nada, niente,……NONE!! Therefore, there is no failure!
          Only on our Planet do many feel fit to judge others as to what they should do, have to do, or ought to be doing. The Posse of Angels is drawing your attention to the word doing and they wish to remind us that the reason that we cannot fail is that we are not here to do anything. The act of doing is the old paradigm way of existing on our Planet that saw us generating by ourselves in order to bring about an expected outcome. When we were at a lower dimensional frequency, we only had the capacity to connect with our analytical, logical and rational mind. This made life very hard as we pushed and controlled for things to happen in certain ways.
         Once we open up to being unlimited potential, and not held by our thinking physical brain, we begin to raise our energetic frequencies, expand our consciousness and we are able to access a higher enlightened awareness by allowing ourselves to just be.

          When we are in this state of being and connect with our hearts, we feel abundant and motivated as we connect to our Divine eternal natures. It is through our hearts and not our minds that we connect with God working through us. The more we allow the seeds of our passion and unique gifts to blossom, that God has already planted within us, the more we allow a co-creative dance to bring forth the synchronicities, miracles and magic to help us take inspired action and live this passion. This is the reason why you are here.
          And whether that passion manifests as an overwhelming urge to write, to sing, to draw, or to be an inspirational speaker, like my cherished friend who was told he is a failure, it is through these heart-driven desires that will fuel our abundance within. Filled with the richness and wealth of abundance, each of us will emanate very new energies as passionate, ‘ALIVE’ human beings that will go on to create a very new age on our beloved Planet Earth.

Love and Angel Blessings,
Candy XXX
Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
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