Monday, September 22, 2008

Angel Healing House

Hello World,

My name is Candy Hough and this is my inaugural blog.

I am a Healing Practitioner in Santa Barbara, California, USA and utilize my Master/Teacher degree in Reiki and intuitive counselling to help clients and students remember the extraordinary unlimited potential, beauty and empowerment that we all have inside.

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I am so passionate and enthusiastic about helping others to shine their beautiful inner light to the outside world, because for many years I chose to keep my own light hidden. Through a near death experience and an angelic exchange, I discovered how to love, respect and honor my authentic self and never compromise my soul again.

For the first time I accepted responsibility for my life, forgave others, dropped all judgment, lived in gratitude and appreciation and loved unconditionally.

Because I started to accept and love myself, my world started to respect and reflect the love I had within.

As one of the lightworkers on this planet - dedicating myself to help bring about global harmony, peace and higher consciousness and unity among all people - I would like to dedicate the purpose of this blog for a place that encourages topics of discussion that are positive and uplifting.

A place where other lightworkers can feel acknowledged and supported.

Whether discussing energy healing, focusing on uplifting Global events i.e. International Peace Day Sept.21, or ways that we can raise the frequencies of our beautiful Mother Earth to encompass a caring, kind, and peaceful world, I hope that it will encourage others to join in and post their helpful comments.

"Through the teaching of love of self, gratitude and unconditional love of others, deep paralyzing emotional issues and physical ailments can be released and you can start to fashion a beautiful life for yourself. Restoring balance to your life and truly "living" everyday can be acheived only when you let go of negative thought patterns an destructive habits."

Candy Hough
Angel Healing House

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